ImageSOL Imaging

Cut the time it takes to invoice down from weeks to a single day.

Receive Your Paperwork

ImageSOL accepts and delivers scanned images directly from drivers using the ImageSOL mobile application or several indexing vendors in real time.


Orient & Tag

Orient your images and attach them to their respective trip using our panel. When you use ImageSOL, you'll receive them right when the driver sends them.


Invoice The Trip

Mark the trip invoiced. ImageSOL will email a PDF of your invoice to each of your customers with all tagged images attached, ready to be paid.

The Cloud Based Imaging Solution

Index your trips from anywhere, any time, any day.

ImageSOL removes the barrier between delivering freight and billing your clients for your services.

When integrated with certain vendors' software, ImageSOL can be extended to do more:

  • Driver Settlements via mobile phone or tablet
  • Safety Bulletin read and acknowledge
  • Load Tracking for your customers via website
  • Equipment Tracking for your O/O's via website
  • View Paperwork within Operations Software
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